The World’s Fastest Toyota Supra Does The Quarter In 6.05 Seconds

A 6.05 second quarter mile at 240 mph with a 2JZ inline six engine. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the world’s fastest Toyota Supra. 

The car in question is Bahrain-based Ekanoo Racing’s Outlaw Supra, drag racer that’s kind of what you get when a tuned Supra and a funny car have a tequila-fueled weekend in Vegas and leave the birth control at home.

Yahoo! Autos reports the car, driven by American Gary White, set the world “import speed record” for a quarter-mile time during a recent run at the Bahrain National Drag Racing Championship.

Details are scarce on the car, but Ekanoo says it has a 2JZ motor with a 98 mm Precision turbo and a five-speed Liberty Transmission. It may only be a Supra in the loosest sense, but it’s now the fastest Supra around.

Until Ekanoo makes it faster, which they say they will.

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