Rare 1957 Porsche 597 4×4

This is probably the biggest middle finger to every Porsche purist who kicked and screamed in protest when the Stuttgart motor giant released the Cayenne, to the delight of Dads everywhere, but to the firmly established dismay of those who simply couldn’t believe that the well loved German marque would ever produce a 4×4. Well I hate to break the news, but they’d already done that. Years before. In 1955 to be precise.

This is the Porsche 597 Jagdwagen (loosely translating to ‘hunting wagon’). You’ll be forgiven for having never, ever heard of it, as only 71 were ever produced in the three years they were making them, with only 49 of those making it into the hands of civilians. Powered by 50 horses from the same flat-four air-cooled engine as the famous 356 roadster, they were intended as an alternative to a Jeep or Land Rover for military use, but the Porsche factory didn’t have the capacity to produce enough for the German army’s needs and the project was eventually scrapped, making this one here one of the rarest vintage cars for any collector.

Expecting to reach $350 000 AUD at auction later this month, whichever lucky sod picks it up can cruise off at a top speed of 100km/h, wearing a knowing smirk for any vintage Porsche fancier (especially one in an 80s front-engined Porkie) who claims that a 4×4 out of Stuttgart isn’t the real deal.

Via: Man of Many

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