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Now that the 2017 season has ended, Formula One can look forward to 2018 with a new look. The old “flying one’ design was adopted in 1987, and throwing that symbol in the trash marks the most visible change since Liberty Media took over the sport last year.

F1 chairman Chase Carey claims the new logo is intended to “emphasize the excitement and fresh energy” that Liberty wants to bring to the series.

Where the old logo used a black “F” adjacent to a “1″ built out of white space, and emblazoned with speed strakes to make things all the more exciting, the new logo is a simple three line design. To be fair, the old logo wasn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing, but after thirty years of use perhaps I’d grown to enjoy its familiarity.

The F segment of this new logo appears to be stylized to symbolically represent a corner of a racing circuit. My own personal preference would have replaced the line in the middle of the F as the racing line an F1 car would use to navigate the corner, but I’m not a graphic designer, so what do I know?

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