Classic Mini Voted Best British Car of All Time

In the little over 100 years since cars started reshaping our lives, a couple of them managed to write history and be forever engraved in our collective memory as absolute masterpieces.

Sure, everyone has a different opinion as to which model was most important in the overall evolution of the automobile as a species and most people shape their thoughts around the environment where they lived or the cars they actually got to drive.

High performance cars were and will forever be at the forefront of evolution. They always feature the best and most advanced technology and the stuff they first bring to the market, eventually drips down to other, mainstream vehicles.

In BMW’s line-up, for example, the flagship 7 Series has been doing that for around 30 years. The futuristic tech you saw introduced on a 7er eventually reached the 5 Series and then the 3 Series and so on.

However, some smaller, more affordable cars can also stick with you over the years. That’s because of their price, mostly. Being very cheap meant that a lot of people could buy them and a cult was easily grown around it.

The perfect example is the Classic Mini that was developed to help out the British during challenging times and offer them mobility at an more than affordable price.

It was that idea that turned the small car into an icon over the years. The guys from Autocar recently conducted a survey on the Island, asking people what car they think was the best one the British ever made. Unsurprisingly, the Mini won, forcing amazing supercars like the McLaren F1 and Jaguar XJ220 to settle for second place or even worse.

The top 10 ended up looking like this:

  1. Classic Mini
  2. McLaren F1
  3. Jaguar E-type
  4. Range Rover
  5. Yamaha Motiv.E
  6. McLaren P1
  7. Jaguar XJ220
  8. Aston Martin DB5
  9. TVR Griffith
  10. Ford Escort Mexico

Few surprises here and it’s rather notable that the P1 managed to secure 6th place even though it was launched last year but considering just what it brings to the table, its position is rather justified.

“It comes as little surprise that the original Mini has topped the list of all-time British greats. It’s such an iconic vehicle and represents a lot more than the British car industry; the Mini is associated with Great Britain around the world and, in many ways, it was ahead of its time,” Autocar brand editor Chas Hallett said about the results.

Even the new MINI managed to secure a spot but not in the top ten. The car, even though it was built under BMW ownership, was still listed as being ‘British’ and the audience offered it the 19th place, above the TVR Chmaera, Lotus Elan amd McLaren 12C, for example.

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