8 Errors Made While Car Washing

Have a look at the mistakes made when you wash your car. Do not wash your car in direct sunlight; use buckets, tires, cups, mats for correct water usage; Here’s what you need to look out for when you wash your car!

1. Do not wash the car under direct sunlight

 A direct sunlight dries quickly in a washed car, as if your body had dried out immediately from the sea, but it does this a bit too fast. When a wet car dries quickly, water stains form on the paint and these stains become permanent over time. In the morning or in the afternoon, when the sunlight does not rise steeply, it is best time to tear down the car.

2. Do not use a bucket when washing your car

 Take the number of buckets to two, so wash your car with a double bucket method. One bucket for sparkling water and the other for sponge. If you are both wet and relaxed in a single sponge, you can draw your car with dirt and dust particles that stick onto the sponge. These scratches do not appear immediately, but only in direct light, and worse, as time goes by, they start sinking!

3. Wash your car from top to bottom

 It is not a good thing to break your car with random movements from top to bottom or from right to left. Logic is simple; Dust and dirt to flow down, so you can protect your car paint from possible scratches.

4. Do not forget to clean the tires

 The tires are, of course, the dirtiest place in a car; Who knows what they are rolling on the road! So it is also very important to clean the tires. Impurities transmitted to the tires as they are rotating parts in the areas around the tires may jump easily.

5. Remember to turn off the water during the erasing phase!

 Just as you would brushing your teeth, remember to turn off the water when you do business. No need for Israel!

6. Do not ignore the cup holder and the storage compartments

The cups in your car may be doing a great job of holding your drink, but when it is not cleaned regularly, it is easy for the cups to become sticky bacteria! You can easily disinfect with warm soapy water. Some automobile cups can be removed, so you can even wash it in the dishwasher. Likewise, the other objects in the eye are also quickly and extremely contaminated, so do not forget them.

7. Do not open the windows without the car being dried

 Did you know that your car can dry completely for 2-3 hours? Most people do not know it and open the windows soon after they wash their car. This leads to the formation of water marks on the glass, and even the accumulation of water in the glass flows into the dried body and marks there. Be patient and leave your car dry for a few hours after the next wash!

8. Clean the mats

 The mats are one of the most filthy places in your car, with the husk that your shoe carries. In order to clean the mats, first thoroughly sweep, then clean the dirt remover. Use a brush if necessary, then leave it to dry.

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